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When I was growing up in Nigeria we all dreamed of eating apples. Many a faux apple pie was produced, and we ate mango sauce in place of apple sauce. Displaced people yearn most of all for their favorite foods. Little did I know I was to end up living practically next door to an apple orchard, and yearn for fresh mangoes and foods cooked in palm oil.

I was born in Jos, Nigeria, and raised mostly in the Kano area, except when I was attending boarding school at Miango and Jos. After high school I earned a bachelor of science in Nutrition at Penn State University. I have worked in many food related professions including as a cook, a food service director and a nutriton counselor.

My adult life has been spent in the Northeast United States, beginning in Maine and then slowly moving south to New Hampshire and then New York. My goal is to eventually live in a warm climate again.

My West African cookbook, South of the Sahara, was published in 1999. This book has been out of print for a few years, but stay tuned, as I am working on bringing it back, at least as an ebook. It is written for all of the other Africans living in a foreign country, longing to eat the foods from their homeland.

I hope this site will make it easier for you to find African food, and to provide it for others. Fellow Africans and food lovers can write to me at